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Building equity, acceptance, awareness, and inclusion for the Disabled Community.

Equity means giving every New Yorker the opportunity to thrive. Differently abled people need to be considered in every decision, from the built environments to rules and regulations around accommodations and opportunity.

  • Continue to upgrade the built environment to accommodate people with all types of abilities

  • Ensure healthcare serves and takes into consideration the needs of people with disabilities

  • Support job programs and housing programs

Continue and accelerate upgrading of buildings, schools, transportation, including subways, to accommodate all types of abilities. 


  • As part of curbside reform, ensure that disabled New Yorkers have access to the curb and designated disabled parking spots, and develop app-based parking services.

  • For private businesses and buildings that are not fully accessible, work with them to make the upgrading process more seamless, including streamlining approval processes and landmarks restrictions.

  • Require equitable education for children with disabilities, including transportation to school, accessible school buildings, and accommodations as needed.


We should ensure health care coverage that serves and takes into consideration the needs of people who have temporary and permanent disabilities. When our daughter was diagnosed with a genetic connective tissue disorder, it was clear that she would need physical therapy for much of the rest of her life.  Yet, we were told that she would be entitled to only 20 PT visits per year.  Medical insurance needs to be tailored differently for people with lifetime disabilities. How can we make headway on this?


  • Override the arbitrary 20-limit visit on medicaid services like occupational, physical and speech therapy.  


  • Integrate the NYSOH marketplace to include all forms of coverage and enroll people in the most beneficial program based on individual needs.


  • Ensure that caregivers are covered by health insurance. Caregivers are doing critical and vital work for our society.  We need to value their contributions and work towards heightening the importance of their work.

Build Acceptance,  Awareness, and Inclusion for the disabled community

  • Integrate housing for the disability community in affordable housing developments throughout the city.

  • Protect the disabled community from eviction, by providing incentives for landlords to upgrade current apartments to allow manageability and accessibility.

  • Support programs that lead to long-term job opportunities.