A good solution solves several problems at once, because everything is connected.


Change one thing in our city and many other things will be affected. This is the holistic way that we view all policy and how we will get to a sustainable, equitable, and resilient future.


We stand for dismantling systemic racism and environmental injustice, which will also progress voting rights, access to quality education, quality health care, employment and housing opportunities because everything is connected.



Improve air quality to reduce disproportionate impacts on BIPOC and low-income communities

Put people and health first in transportation and planning decisions




Ensure all Bronx residents have access to affordable, nutritious, fresh food.

Establish a Food Justice Committee on the City Council.

Incorporate food education, vegetable gardens and salad bars into all NYC Public schools.



Reduce disproportionate impacts of health outcomes ranging from COVID to Maternal health

Support the NY Health Care Act

Address the root causes of illness including combating heat vulnerability and environmental injustices.


Public Transit

Increase access to public transit


Innovate micro-transit opportunity


Improve cycling infrastructure, expand Open Streets, and make streets safer


Use incentives to nudge people towards Public Transit

Equitable Public Education

Equitably fund all schools regardless of zip code


Encourage a decentralized administrative model for local success


Improve access to community youth programs



Permanently integrate affordable, sustainable housing

Ensure equitable distribution of affordable housing across the city

Legalize and Enable Accessory Dwelling Units

NYPD Budget Reform

Invest in communities, education and well being.

Hold our police officers accountable


Demilitarize the NYPD.

Implement recommendations from the DOI report on the George Floyd Protests.

Economic Recovery Rooted in Justice

Green technology & infrastructure rebuilding to create jobs


Entrepreneurship and incubation to create socially responsible businesses and community organizations


Child & elder care jobs to encourage mentorship, create jobs, and support families

Growing the

Middle Class

Labor Unions are a vehicle for economic recovery and middle-class growth

Preserve affordable education and invest in CUNY: A driver of middle-class growth

Join the Civilian Climate Corps and Cancel Student Debt



Use data to assess where climate risks are highest

Improve zoning and building standards to fight sea-level rise

Support natural solutions to reducing shoreline erosion



Mobilize for recovery through efficient and equitable distribution of vaccines

Invest in economic opportunities for women and mothers


Responsibly open public schools


Help small businesses stay open and pay their workers



Economic recovery through

a Just Transition

Measure what Matters 

Establishing a Climate Agency

in NYC and accelerating the

Climate Mobilization Act 

Ban Fossil Fuel Infrastructure


& Youth

Invest in Child Care like it's infrastructure.

Invest in our youth as part of economic recovery and building communal resilience.


Older Adults

Accessibility from transit to city services.

Safe and healthy community spaces for mental and physical well being.



Continue to upgrade the built environment to accommodate people with all types of abilities.


Ensure healthcare serves and takes into consideration the needs of people with disabilities.


Support job programs and housing programs

Equity for LGBTQ+ Community

Commit to supporting legislation that provides housing, education, and job placement for the LGBTQ+ community


Increase implicit bias education in our government to support the LGBTQ+ community 


Support equitable healthcare for the LGBTQ+ community

Animal Rights

Replace horse-drawn carriages with a focus on an equitable transition

Fund animal shelters in our city

Divest from corporate agriculture industries