A good solution solves several problems at once, that is because everything is connected. Change one thing in our city and so many other things will be affected. This is the holistic way that we view all policy. That’s the hard work to get us to a sustainable, equitable, and resilient future.


We stand for dismantling systemic racism and environmental injustice, which will also progress voting rights, access to quality education, quality health care, employment and housing opportunities because everything is connected.

Environmental Justice

Put people and health first in transportation and planning decisions.

Improve our air quality, reduce disproportionate death and disease impacts on BIPOC.

Food Justice

Ensure all Bronx residents have access to affordable, nutritious, fresh food.

Support initiatives like community fridges.

Support local, community-led food access initiatives.

Health Access

Ensure all NYC residents have healthcare access.

Address the root causes of illness including combating heat vulnerability and environmental injustices.

Support the NY Health Care Act.

Innovative Public Transit

Improve access to public transit and for bikes.

Support and innovate micro-transit solutions.

Pedestrian friendly street design.

Equitable Public


Equitably fund all schools regardless of zip code


Encourage a decentralized administrative model for local success


Improve access to community youth programs

Affordable Housing

Permanently integrate affordable, sustainable housing.

Close loopholes to strengthen community and build our future.

Address homlessness systemically.

NYPD Budget Reform

Invest in communities, education and well being.

Shift police prosecution to the Attorney General.


Demilitarize the NYPD.

Economic Recovery Rooted in Justice

Introduce green union jobs initiatives in Bronx Pandemic  Reconstruction Program.

Free training and education to equip all Bronxites for 21st century jobs.

Supporting the Middle Class

Preserve affordable education and invest in CUNY: The #1 driver of middle-class growth.

Increase education and opportunity.

Push for fair, prevailing wages for working families.

Fighting for Workers Rights

Invest in resilient and sustainable infrastructure through union backed labor.

Create an even playing field for labor unions to bid on city contracts to ensure safe work sites, healthy workers, & fair pay.

Achieve Zero Waste

Achieve NYC Zero Waste goal by mandating Organics Recycling and reducing waste streams from the source.

Restorative Climate Justice

Prioritize recovery and climate investment in front line communities who have suffered the most impacts already.

Make Coastal Resilience a Bronx Priority to strengthen communities with jobs, nature and beautiful spaces.

Child Care & Youth

Invest in Child Care like it's infrastructure.

Invest in our youth as part of economic recovery and building communal resilience.

Supporting Older Adults

Accessibility from transit to city services.

Safe and healthy community spaces for mental and physical well being.

Equal Rights

Amplify and support diverse voices, including womxn the LGBTQ+ community.

Ensure safe access to the ballot box through expanded early and absentee voting.

What do you think? We’re always looking to improve this campaign, and the policy landscape is constantly changing. Send me an email at Hello@JessicaHaller.com with your thoughts.