Mama Judy Putterman's Corned Beef & Cabbage Recipe

Traditional family recipes are a part of our culture, but I bet you didn't think that included my mother's Corned Beef and Cabbage.  Here's a guest blog from my mother, Mama Judy Putterman.

Mama Judy's Corned Beef and Cabbage 1. Put corned beef in water in a pot and cook it. 2. Put cabbage, quartered and peeled, chunked potatoes in the water and cook them. Here's the secret: Buy a piece of beef that has a nice amount of fat on it. If you're into lean, lean meat, this isn't the recipe for you. You can celebrate St. Patrick's Day with green bagels instead (oy!). For many of us, the best part of corned beef and cabbage is the cabbage. So here's another delicious cabbage idea that's been on our table for generations. Noodles and Cabbage 1. Boil a bag of wide noodles following the package directions. 2. Shred a head of cabbage, like you are going to make coleslaw. 3. Slice up two onions and mix with the shredded cabbage. 4. Saute the onions and cabbage in a generous amount of oil and a good sprinkle of salt until they caramelize to a nice, translucent brown. 5. Mix the cabbage/onion mixture with the noodles and you'll have a delicious side dish to go with corned beef, chicken or roast.

You can easily prepare ahead and reheat. Love,

Mama Judy