My Testimony at the MTA Bronx Bus Redesign Public Hearing

The Bronx Bus Redesign is not as far-reaching as it should be to meet the needs of Bronx residents now or in the future.

It is a good start, but more is needed in order to increase frequency, improve service, keep up with the city's fastest growing borough, improve the resilience of our neighborhoods, and address the inequalities across the city specifically for the transportation deserts in the North-East and North-West Bronx communities. In those areas, more residents find themselves farther than the benchmark of ¼ of a mile from a bus and ½ a mile from a subway stop (Per OneNYC, DCP data) than in other parts of the city.

The only way for people in the Bronx to comfortably replace their cars with mass transit, is to connect them to transit.

And why is car replacement as a goal?

Because the State and City both have that goal:

1. The NY State’s Climate Leadership and Protection Act is aiming for NY State to achieve net zero emissions. We cannot do that if communities feel the need to own a car.

2. And the Mayor’s OneNYC Strategic Plan aims to provide “reliable, safe, and sustainable transportation options so that no New Yorker needs to rely on a car.”

The Bronx Bus Redesign needs to go further to meet these State and City goals. I urge the MTA to continue to dig deep, think hard, and push the boundaries so that the people of the Bronx can get to where they need to go.

It is 2020! Build the base of the bus service so that we can move into the future with a resilient and equitable Bronx.

Thank you.